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Carrying Stones Of Resentment

To see more clearly the effect that holding resentments is having in your life, try imagining that you are carrying a rock for each resentment. A small grudge, such as anger at someone driving badly, might be represented by a small pebble. Harboring ill will toward an entire group of people might be represented by an enormous boulder. If you actually had to carry stones for each resentment, you would surely tire of the weight. The more cumbersome your burden, the more sincere your efforts to unload it would be. The weight of your resentments hinders your spiritual development. If you truly desire freedom, you will seek to rid yourself of as much extra weight as possible. As you lighten your burdens, you will notice an increased ability to forgive your fellow human beings for their mistakes and to forgive yourself for your own. Nourish your spirit with good thoughts, kind words and service to others. Adapted from AA literature.

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