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Are You Letting Go Of Your Inner Fears As They Come Up?

The insecure person is fearful and prone to jealousy, clinging, possessiveness, and attachment in relationships, an approach that always brings frustration.

The purpose of these feelings is to bind and tightly possess the other, to achieve security by preventing loss and, at times, to punish the other for our own fear of loss.

Again, these attitudes tend to bring into manifestation the very thing that we are holding in mind.

The other person, now feeling pressured by our energy of dependency and possessiveness, has an inner impulse to run for freedom, to withdraw, to detach and do the very thing that we fear the most.

These attitudes lead to constantly wanting to influence others.

Because people intuitively pick up our wish to control them, their response is to resist.

So the only way to bring about relinquishment of their resisting us is to let go of wanting to influence them in the first place.

This means letting go of the inner fears as they come up. ~

~David R. Hawkins

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