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Are Water Beings A Part Of Your Journey?

The depth of ones wounding can make one feel incredibly overwhelmed to the point of feeling drowned by the emotions that arise from those wounds.

We need to go deep, to the roots of things in order to free up the heaviness of the water (emotions) that we feel.

If you are scared of the depths and what you might find, call upon and merge with a spirit being from the seas that you love and feel a connection with, to accompany you to see what's there and simply acknowledge it for what it is. You may want to bring it to the surface to be seen by the light of the sun, or you may not. It's completely your choice.

Water beings know how to breathe underwater (breathe through feelings), they don't get waterlogged (emotionally overwhelmed) or lose direction. They are a perfect medicine companion for deep diving.

Call upon their support when you need it.

Blessings 🌿✨🪷

(c) O. Nightsky

(Art: Yasin Yama)

Contemporary Shaman

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