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And Then The World Changes..

Whoever put the idea in your head… that the life you truly dream of cannot be yours in your lifetime…

However it came to be that you fear you were somehow cast out of the possibility of an extraordinary life...

Not simply a good one…

A majestic one,

Why ever it is that you find yourself doubting your “enoughness”, your capabilities, your very SELF…

It all matters very little now.

Because I believe the mere fact we were put on each other’s path will be enough, if you so choose it, to never look back.

There are those so threatened by what they fear to lose, that they would spread any mistruths… for a chance to matter more. Regardless of what dreams they shatter along the way.

And there is us…

The ones born to write stories so colorful, so wild, so unique, so seemingly impossible….

That we outrage them to the breaking point.

If we find the strength… we break the illusion.

We become everything they said we couldn’t…

We become everything we knew we could…

And then the world changes. Melody Layers

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