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Acceptance ❤️

Acceptance is about letting life flow and unfold without getting in the way. It is about being receptive rather than exerting resistance to what comes present. Instead of focusing on the past or the future or wanting things to be different than they are, we open to what is in the moment. The attitude of acceptance that we apply to our day to day life determines the quality of our actions. The quality of our actions determines the quality of our outcomes. What is it that you need to do so you can live your life more fully? Acceptance is a life affirming stance that empowers us to take the most positive grounded actions that are readily available to us in any given moment. When we accept what is in our lives, others around us also benefit. Acceptance does not imply that you tolerate or allow negative behavior from others, that you tolerate others abusing your boundaries or stand idly by when you see injustices done. Say yes to life and release judgments, biases, anything that is holding you back while forgiving yourself and others. Yoga, Reiki and meditation tremendously help with acceptance and for possibly the first time in your life see the beautiful soul you truly are. ❤️

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