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A Bonus Day

February 29th - A Bonus Day

What to do with a bonus day it’s full of possibilities.

What will come up today?

How will I choose to spend my bonus today?

Will I be present enough to live this bonus day and enjoying the gift that it is?

If I do what would I want to put into my bonus day?

Awareness, that would be a good thing to put in a bonus day!

Awareness of my surroundings, awareness of my emotions, awareness of people, and animals and the things I interact with - awareness of my thoughts awareness of what I truly desire for my bonus day.

Yes, awareness is a good thing to add for today.

What else - gratitude? Yes gratitude for sure.

Gratitude is always a key ingredient.

How can I be aware of all I have to be grateful for?

What if I treat every segment of my day today as a story, and in that story are all the things I get to be grateful for?

Like this morning I woke up in a bed I had sheets and blankets on my bed and someone I love who woke me up too early and then I got to go back to sleep…

In this story I can be grateful for the sleep before I woke up, the bed and stuff, and that I was able to wake up!

the fact that I got to wake up because there was someone that I love waking me up, and how blissful and wonderful and I get to be grateful because I got to go back to sleep and wake up on my own

- grateful is going to be part of my bonus day.

So what else what else should be a part of my bonus day?

Purpose yes, purpose having something that helps me feel alive.

My work is something that makes me feel alive spending today immersed in things for my clients for the embedment of myself for my clients, reading and thinking and meditating and interacting with all that gives me purpose.

Yes that’s a beautiful part to have a in bonus day.

What about every day things like doing dishes cooking meals doing laundry? I think so.

I think having those as a part of a bonus day become things I get to do because I have a bonus day!

Because it’s a bonus day those things now get to be special.

How exciting to live a bonus day!

Do I want to play small today?

No it’s a bonus day!

Do I wanna live in fear today?

Heck no it’s a bonus day!

Do I want to live my day fully mindless and not present?

Heck no it’s a bonus day!

Do I wanna be tapped in today?

Heck yes it’s a bonus day!

Do I want to feel alive today?

Heck yes it’s a bonus day!

Do I want to play to win today?

Heck yes it’s a bonus day!

Only thing is, it’s a bonus day every day and how many more bonus days do I get to see?

Why am I not treating every day as a bonus day?!?!

This makes me wonder where will I be next leap year?

I can imagine I will be somewhere grand, with a smile on my face, loving and living my best life because I chose to live every day as a bonus day.

It seems to just make sense- doesn’t it??

What are you doing with your bonus day??

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