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5 Possible Missteps When Dealing With Anxiety

Let's chat about 5 possible missteps when dealing with anxiety. Some people choose to do unsustainable amounts of cardio to change energy, use the wrong breathing technique, lack a routine and ritual, avoid things that bring them joy and force themselves to practice meditation. Better options might include learning to move and breathe in gentle ways that systematically decrease their energy in a more sustainable and accessible way. Another option could be to recheck your pranayama (breathing) practice. If you are suffering from anxiety, you may have been told that pranayama could help. However, not all breathing techniques are the same, especially in the yoga world. Breathing that emphasizes the inhale, actually decreases your energy, often making anxiety worse. Consider investigating pranayama that can easily decrease energy and not deplete yours. Thirdly, our minds want to know is "exactly what is going on" and "what's next?" Fear of the unknown may be at the root of your anxiety. Having a wide open schedule, consuming random and scary information on the internet, and lacking rituals in your daily activities and personal interactions is the opposite of what your mind really needs. Daily schedules and simple mantras and affirmations that offer a soothing rhythm could ease your mind. Also, your subconscious might not find meditation to be helpful. Meditation is amazing, however if you think all meditations calm you that could be a mistake. If you have intense anxiety and are new to meditation, it can be nearly impossible to have a useful meditation experience. After doing the three steps above you may feel your anxiety symptoms and suffering reduced. Then it would be a better decision to do the proper meditations to ultimately untie your subconscious wiring in the long term. Lastly, as with any chronic condition, experiencing joy is fleeting and hard to find. Unfortunately with anxiety, you may choose to not do the things you that

ultimately make you joyful such as hobbies, spending time with friends, traveling, etc. Finding ways to experience joy and connect with yourself and others may include yoga, loving kindness practices or simply being a part of a community! Finding your bliss will take time and patience. If you would like more information on this topic please feel free to let me know. I'm here for you, I believe in you and you are not alone.

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