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Trauma Is The Real Gateway Drug

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Childhood is not always easy for a lot of us. We yearn to please and “ not get in trouble “ even when we are not acting in our best interests. Safety, a sense of belonging and not creating rifts are what we do sacrificing our true selves along the way. We begin to normalize these events, responses and feelings not knowing any better. Between the ages of 4 and 10 what happens to us usually becomes a part of our identity in later years. We slowly develop dysfunctional patterns, habits and thoughts unconsciously ingraining them so deeply inside of ourselves. It’s no wonder that as adults we hold on to and act with this dysfunction and embrace people, places and things that are not healthy for us. Addictions and self destructive habits tend to rule our lives without some of us realizing it. Taking time to speak to someone, getting mental help, becoming safe for the first time ever and truly sit with yourself can be challenging yet rewarding. Yoga, Reiki and meditation can help you heal and I am here to help you on your journey of self compassion and healing. If you don’t feel it you can’t heal it❤️

Trauma is the real gateway drug

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