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Refocus on your future and think” what could this become?” Addiction, anger, hurt and fear are teachers with valuable lessons. Celebrate what is not yet in your life by living with gratitude and hope to further cultivate hope in the future. Hope gives you the healing space to get your passion back, a much needed spark of life. A fresh vision leads to encouragement, encouragement leads to hope and hope to change. Respond with your strength, and find where you have natural skills and quiet passions. Failure is an event, not a person and you will develop victory over insecurity when hope fills your heart. Don’t allow cynicism to build a place in your heart. To experience hope refuse to go your journey alone and replace burnout with rhythm. A worn out life is a life without margin, a life without hope, too busy, too tired. We need soul sharpeners, mentors, models, heart healers, and butt kickers to develop emotionally and to present challenges to evolve spiritually. He who walks with the wise grows wise. Yoga, Reiki and meditation light your heart to grow, let go and to see hope in your life today and tomorrow❤️

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