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“Spiritual” Promiscuity Will Keep You Trapped In The Root Chakra

Your sexual energy is your greatest spiritual currency

The more you build and purify it, the greater quality of life and relationships you will attract

Thus if you’re constantly creating soul ties with multiple people via sex , it locks your energy into the root chakra

Remember soul ties drain your energy from infinite distances because they exist on a higher dimension which is less governed by time and space

This is why it’s hard to sit with yourself, meditate and love yourself , you have too many entities attached to you preventing you from going within

And due to like frequencies attracting like frequencies , you will always attract people with the same amount of entities

This creates relationships that are built off of lust, traumas, lack of self-love and fear

A true spiritualist knows that sexual energy is sacred and only deserves to be exchanged with their Divine Partner

If you keep exchanging your sexual energy with beings who just appear “spiritual” you will forever be trapped in the artificial image of “spirituality” instead of actually doing the shadow work

It doesn’t matter how many waist beads, face marks/ jewelry , crystals , grand-rising saying, candle spells , chants, plant based meals they are consuming

This is all an illusion to attract a higher quality sexual partner who may actually be doing the real shadow work

Yet you will soon find out after you hang with them long enough that it was just an image and they are even more damaged than those who aren’t promoting a “spiritual” image

Your relationship partner and who you exchange your sexual energy with will always reveal your true frequency

If you continue to have sex with “spiritual” promiscuous beings , you will continue to attract them

And the more you have sex with them, the further your Divine partner will be repelled from you

You will think that this is a part of what being “spiritual” means, you will be easily swayed by polygamous promoting spiritualist who are really just beings who haven’t mastered their lust energy

These beings are the masters of disguise and illusion , they will create the image of whatever they know will allow them to pull you in and have sex with you

And the main trend of this current moment is Spirituality

You might’ve only came to sign up for yoga class, now you’re being persuaded and pressured into polygamy under the premises of being more “open minded” because it makes you more “spiritual” and less restricted

Your Divine partner is only pulled into your reality and auric field when you vibrate near the crown chakra

Yet being promiscuous keeps your frequency trapped in the root so you’ll never be an energetic match to call them in

The root chakra rules physical appearance and attraction and as long as your consciousness stays here , you’ll always fall for what looks good instead of what’s actually good for you

You’ll then try to attach a title such as “Twin Flame” or “Soul-Mate” to justify all the chaos your low vibratory toxic union goes through

And as soon as this ends, you’ll be right back in the spiritual streets looking for someone else who amplifies your spiritual image

You’ll hop from “spiritualist” to “spiritualist” absorbing entities and traumas and eventually you’ll become more jaded and drop the “spiritual” image or your spiritual journey altogether

You will think everybody is just faking it also and start to lose all faith in the spiritual dimensions of life

You’ve just been manipulated by lust demons which trapped you and others in the first chakra via a spiritual image and thus you never got to experience deep spirituality

The only way to experience this is to do the shadow work to heal your traumas , preserve and purify your sexual energy via sexual alchemy , and actually sit still long enough to even know/love yourself




~Devonte Sheard

Photo Credit: @Instaphazed

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