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Forgiveness isn't about accepting the actions of others that hurt you, or allowing it to continue.

It's knowing your worth and Loving yourself enough to release the attachment

You have to the hurt.

Forgiveness is an exercise in Free Will.

Free will is not an avenue of projection, it is not a construct of this world.

It is a perception of Energy, one which does not allow itself to be boxed in by the actions of others.

An aspect of energy which does not seek to trap consciousness in any body, or at the whim of any predetermined patterns of behaviour.

Free will is the view that our energy exists outside of experiences that happen to us or that are in any way set by actions of this physical world.

Free will is Consciousness Itself, the Energy which allows us to see beyond these bodies to the freedom of the mind (soul).

When people perceive their experiences as negative, their vehicle (body) responds with chemical reactions which further influence thought processes.

Free will is the ability we have to tap into such aspects, which then free us from the bonds of these "lives", and places the control of our life (the way we view it) in our hands.

It places accountability in your hands for your view of life.

When things are viewed as growth, all things are positive (have value) no matter what they are.

This concept is difficult for the Human brain, as it is run on electrical signals and hormone (chemical) reation.

It is our responsibility to learn the difference between what is "real" (events occurring in the physical plane of existence) and what is Eternal (the infinite possibilities provided when you free your mind from the shackles of the brain).

When we rise above self limiting behaviours and are able to find peace in chaos - this is the realm of free will.

It is our responsibility to find the balance between heart (feel/ brain/ chemical reaction) and mind (soul, infinite energy, true freedom).

People do not want to believe in free will, as without free will they are able to blame their outlook on life on some external force.

Things don't just happen To You.

You get to choose to see, what it is you want to see.

The power to create your reality lies solely with you.

~Serenity Ravinwolve

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