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Believe the impossible is possible!

Welcome! My name is Christine Frey and I'm prepared to help you on your journey of healing and discovering joy, hope and blessings that you are so worthy of. Over my 33 years of teaching experience of exercise, yoga, and energy healer I have been able to interlace my Reiki practice, as a Shamanic Energy Reiki Master, to connect with my clients and provide space for growth and energy.

I look forward to having you at my studio!


Christine provides space for deep healing, growth, and energy. Also, she is a full mesa carrier of the Q’ero tradition who connects with high vibrational energies and light beings, your guides and helpers and your Luminous Energy Body, also known as your aura and chakras. Christine diagnostically scans your energy bodies then clears any heavy/negative energies, and current and past life influences that may be blocking and holding you back from reclaiming your personal power and your transformative healing journey spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.


Many of your recurring habits, patterns and behaviors have roots from these energies that hinder your healing process. Christine will help identify and clear these energies so you can more easily move forward in your life without the stumbling blocks that have been holding you back. She helps you feel safe, comfortable and supported as you move through your healing process. Christine will empower you with aftercare, tools and techniques to help you continue your profound healing journey.


Popular Services

Shamanic Healing

Welcome to Shamanic Healing. As a practitioner at Centerpoint Healing Services in Colorado Springs, I honor and respect the wisdom and teachings of the shamans. Shamans are revered as healers, mystics, and spiritual counselors who have a deep connection to the otherworld, the power to heal the sick, communicate with spirits, and assist souls on their journey to the afterlife.

One of the most fascinating aspects of shamanism is the shaman's innate ability to "journey" to other realms to gather knowledge, and information, and bring forth profound healing energies. I work with light beings to provide deep healing that can help my clients in all aspects of their lives.

I also have a deep understanding of the Luminous Energetic Field (LEF), which is comprised of our chakras and aura. By working with the LEF, I can help my clients heal spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. This can help them become calmer, more grounded, better connected to their Higher Power and spiritual support team, and more present in their lives.

At Centerpoint Healing Services, I offer shamanic healing sessions that can help you connect with your inner wisdom, release old patterns, and heal at a deep level. I am here to guide you through the shamanic journey and help you achieve the healing and growth you deserve. I look forward to supporting you on your journey.



Reiki healing is a miraculous and wonderful modality to enhance your life and provide deep transformational awareness, peace, joy and calm. Reiki - Ray of light, harnesses the universal life force to help promote balance, relax and promote well-being. You may have also heard of it as energy healing, palm healing, hands above the body or hands-on healing.

As the practitioner, I will guide you through a meditative state and channel healing energy to support the balance and harmonization of your body's energy centers, also known as chakras. The gentle yet powerful energy of Reiki flows through your body, promoting a sense of deep relaxation, reducing stress, and facilitating the release of energetic blockages.

Whether you are seeking physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, Reiki can be a transformative practice. It supports the body's natural ability to heal itself by promoting a state of energetic balance and restoring the flow of life force energy throughout your entire being. This can lead to a greater sense of well-being, improved vitality, and enhanced overall health.

To feel the power of Reiki for yourself and begin your transformative healing journey enroll in my Reiki healing class today. My intuitive, insightful, kind and gentle practice will provide the appropriate Reiki healing experience to help you feel and be your best.


Our Studio is an Open &
Welcoming Space for all Humans.

Kind Words

Sylvia. D - Client

"I never wanted a trainer before, so Christine started from the ground up talking about what I wanted to achieve, in my diet, exercise and my outlook on life.  Christine pushed me further, expected more & opened up the possibilities of simple, positive changes.  She quietly included mindfulness, and being present during each workout.  I continued to train with Christine, and I realized that there is so much more to gym time than just moving weights around.  If you want to make strides, changes and gain a great friend, Christine is your ticket to great success."

Jenine. P - Client

"I was going through a loss in my life, and her name kept coming up in my mind.  I reached out to her & she responded immediately.  The emotional rollercoaster I was on was starting to affect me physically.  I was sore, and struggling with lower back and neck pain.  I am feeling better emotionally and physically.  I feel supported, alongside an overall new sense of peace.  We are working through restorative yoga, reiki and meditations.  I am excited to finally take care of myself on this level.  Christine is encouraging, kind & I would highly recommend her to anyone."

Kathy. H - Client

"I have worked with Christine for a decade.  I did not have the discipline to exercise independently, and always ended up paying for memberships I didn't use.  Her attitude towards exercise changed my outlook, and it become an activity I look forward to.  Christine is knowledgeable and motivating.  She keeps things fresh to so each session is different.  I got stronger & more toned.  When you work with Christine, it is all about you, Mind, Body and soul.  She is the kindest person I know & makes you want to be a better person, physically and spiritually."


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