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Trauma-Informed Yoga

Trauma-informed yoga is based on a particular understanding of trauma, one that emphasizes its impact on the entire mind-body system, as opposed to particular mental states. This specialized class teaches you how to calm your mind and regulate your physical responses and emotions. 

To achieve profound healing and transformation, sign up for my personalized trauma-informed classes today. You’ll leave feeling more grounded and relaxed than ever.

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At Centerpoint Healing Services, I offer personalized private and group trauma-informed yoga classes tailored to your innermost needs with complete safety, discretion, and privacy.

I will help you work at your own pace to heal spirit, mind, emotions, and body, let go of what’s holding you back from living your best life and establish your footing to grow into your personal power so you can thrive and not merely survive. You are not alone and I believe in you!


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 Some profound benefits of participating in a trauma-informed yoga class include learning how to recognize and tolerate physical sensations while regaining a feeling of safety inside your body. With a trauma-informed yoga class from Centerpoint Healing Services,  you will experience stimulating and soothing effects to incorporate into your life.

Start your journey to transforming your life. Learn more about my trauma-informed yoga classes in Colorado Springs, CO, today.

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Centerpoint Healing Services is owned and operated by a certified instructor of 30 years, Christine Frey. She is a Yoga Alliance 500 hour, Y12SR, and trauma-informed instructor dedicated to helping people grow and heal through yoga. Her empathetic yoga and compassion make her a yoga instructor you are sure to love.

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