Sylvia. D - Client

"I never wanted a trainer before, so Christine started from the ground up talking about what I wanted to achieve, in my diet, exercise and my outlook on life.  Christine pushed me further, expected more & opened up the possibilities of simple, positive changes.  She quietly included mindfulness, and being present during each workout.  I continued to train with Christine, and I realized that there is so much more to gym time than just moving weights around.  If you want to make strides, changes and gain a great friend, Christine is your ticket to great success."

Jenine. P - Client

"I was going through a loss in my life, and her name kept coming up in my mind.  I reached out to her & she responded immediately.  The emotional rollercoaster I was on was starting to affect me physically.  I was sore, and struggling with lower back and neck pain.  I am feeling better emotionally and physically.  I feel supported, alongside an overall new sense of peace.  We are working through restorative yoga, reiki and meditations.  I am excited to finally take care of myself on this level.  Christine is encouraging, kind & I would highly recommend her to anyone."

Kathy. H - Client

"I have worked with Christine for a decade.  I did not have the discipline to exercise independently, and always ended up paying for memberships I didn't use.  Her attitude towards exercise changed my outlook, and it become an activity I look forward to.  Christine is knowledgeable and motivating.  She keeps things fresh to so each session is different.  I got stronger & more toned.  When you work with Christine, it is all about you, Mind, Body and soul.  She is the kindest person I know & makes you want to be a better person, physically and spiritually."

Joyce. M - Client

"Working out with Christine is a life changer.  She is skilled in various modes of fitness, and will tailor a workout to suit your needs.  On days when you come in feeling low, she will help you walk out feeling better.  Best trainer ever, and more than that a spiritual advisor who's empathy guides her teaching."