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Your Anxiety Hates It When You Breathe

your anxiety

hates it

when you


your anxiety

thinks that air

is the third wheel

in its relationship

with you

your anxiety

wants you

all to itself

your anxiety

wants you to be

constantly gasping

So, let's fix that,

take in a deep breath

right now

and while you do

say to yourself

“this is all a miracle."

hold that breath

for as long as you can

give the air

a chance to

talk to your

anxiety for a bit


it's like a hostage


your anxiety will

make dangerous

threats toward your

well being

your anxiety will

make impossible

demands that can't

ever be met

your anxiety will

barter and bargain

with the air in your

lungs to let the two

of you be

“but the breath you

are holding inside

of you won't listen

to any of it

the thing about

the air we breathe

is that it doesn't put

up with any theatrics

from our our panic~

no matter how

many times your

anxiety tries to

ties itself around

your neck

the air in your lungs

will just calmly reply with

a truth that will terrify

your anxiety

“You have no power



now let your breath out

the air will pour out of you

as if it were a tide that

had been held back by

an invisible force

the air will wash out

of your mouth with your

anxiety stuck in its

powerful waves

sometimes anxiety

digs its roots into

the ocean of our heart

so deeply that

one single deep breath

won't be able to dig it out

sometimes your anxiety

will be defiant

that's okay

let it be

the thing is,

this whole battle

with your anxiety

is rigged in your


you are surrounded by air

there is an abundance

of grace around you 

there is an unlimited

supply of healing oxygen

just waiting at the doors

of your trembling lips

your anxiety might be able to withstand

one holy breath

but what about 100 breaths?

now, that’s another story

take as many deep

breaths as you can

and then let the oxygen

form around your

anxiety like a gospel choir

singing the same song

“You have no power


“You have no power


over and over and over

and over

until your anxiety

is carried away by

the undertow of your healing

if you take in air


and let it rest inside of you

~and honor it for the miracle it is

~and hold it close to you

~and let it talk to your anxiety

you will know peace

you will know calm

you will know sanctuary

you will know survival

you will know redemption

I swear,

your anxiety hates

it when you breathe

so, my love,

quit wasting time

take in air

and let oxygen do its magic

let it wash your worries away

I swear, my love,

you will feel healing

one breath at a time

you anxiety has no power

over you

breathe in,

~ this is all a miracle ~


breathe out

~ you are surrounded by grace ~


breathe in

~ this is all a miracle ~


breathe out

~ you are surrounded by grace ~


your anxiety

has no power

over you any more

breathe in

~ this is all a miracle ~


breathe out

~you are surrounded by grace~


~ this is all a miracle

~ john roedel

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