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You have to feel it to heal it❤️

I had to fall to my knees reaching rock bottom, completely broken, and without words to not speak, but listen. My soul needed the life-altering, heart breaking events of my life to release what no longer served me, if these things ever did., and step outside my perceived comfort zone. I was living in denial, in unhealthy situations with some very unhealthy people. Broken, hurt people often attract people like them. I became very comfortable surviving in dysfunction with the mindset “ it’s better to know the devil you know,” which is a fear based trauma response. My constant healing work is not pretty, easy or fun. I am extremely grateful for every second experiencing all that I did. Without these teachers, the people, places and things, I would not be able to authentically help others heal. Walking the walk and sharing my story has helped others and will continue to do so. You are not alone. Feel free to contact me when you are ready to feel so you can heal❤️


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