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Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day means different things to different people. As adults, this day could be seen and felt as a symbol that we have not yet received love that worked for us. Maybe you have begun healing, and learning from, your painful relationships what your issues were and to create awareness of what you won't allow in your life. Loving ourselves may not feel natural or easy, however when you heal and learn how to safely open your heart to giving and receiving love will you begin a profound life changing journey. Finding ways to love yourself and those around you will help you step forward into a life of inner peace, love and happiness. It's your choice how much fun, love and joy you allow yourself today. Opening yourself to gratitude and the love available to you from people, your Higher Power and Source will allow you to give and receive the love you desire. Gratitude for your healing journey and heart is a powerful gift you give to yourself. I'm here for you, I believe in you and you are not alone. I love you 💕

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