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Turn To Face Reality

Your anger, doubts, sorrows and fears are not 'wrong' or 'bad' or 'unevolved'.

They are not ‘low vibrational’ or ‘negative’ or ‘unspiritual’. Those words are all labels and judgements of the mind. The Heart knows no such labels or judgements.

These ‘negative’ feelings are only lost and lonely energies in us longing for warmth, acceptance, empathy, oxygen... and curious attention.

Fear is not the opposite of love, just as no wave is the opposite of the ocean. Fear is a complete expression of consciousness, the same ocean-consciousness that dances as bliss and joy and wonder too. Fear is a contracted, tense, dense and held-in form of love, but not its opposite.

This non-dual understanding will change your life. And begin to end all inner opposition and violence.

You do not 'attract' abuse, loss or misfortune through a faulty 'vibrational frequency'. You did not ‘manifest’ your cancer or infection or fracture through your desires.

These are old guilt-ridden, victim-shaming - and frankly narcissistic - stories based on a dualistic understanding.

We need these New Age myths and lies no longer. Let us turn to face reality instead, and welcome all feelings, even the ‘darkest’ ones, as our beloved inner children, waves of the Heart, astonishing expressions of the Divine.

- Jeff Foster

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