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The Magical Hummingbird

A friend posted this today, I thought it was so beautiful and wanted to share it here with you beautiful souls. 💜


Teaching from the hummingbird on the path of the medicine person 🌺

You can be a sweet, gentle, loving soul and still be an amazing hunter / huntress.

You can love plant medicine and do your medicine work without shame, with such joy in the work, in the process

Even when you’re fluttering your wings so hard and it’s a lot of work

You do it all with glee

And people look at you with awe, amazement and wonder

No shame.

You can do it at light speed, rapidly — and move faster than nearly any other creature

When you work in this way embodying hummingbird medicine you’re moving in a whole different reality

You manifest much faster, accelerate consciousness and quantum leap, collapsing time around your visions, desires, dreams and goals

To others it appears as if you warp time or move in a completely different timeline

You walk with grace and for that you both receive and bestow infinite blessings

Just like hummingbird magic

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