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The Doctor Of The Future


The time will come when the doctor's appointment,

Will not heal the body,

But to heal the mind,

Who in turn will heal the body.

True physician will be a philosopher,

And a teacher,

And his concern will be to keep people,

In good health,

And not just try to fix them,

Once they get sick

Real doctor will not only treat,

The body with meds,

But also the Spirit with Principles

He will teach men that joy,


The noble deeds,


Kindness, which acts on both body and mind,

And with a happy heart,

Is the best medicine.

And later again the time will come,

Where Everyone Will Be Their Own Doctor

Man of tomorrow will line up,

On the higher laws of life,

And will use the powers of his mind.

Ralph Waldo Trine (1866 - 1958)

"The doctor of the future".

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