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Stand In The Beauty Of Your Healing

For so many years it worked, or at least she thought it did........ until it didn't.

And then one day all the bricks of her life came crashing down in a formidable heap of grief, disappointment and pain.

Oh, the pain. She thought it would kill her.

In utter exhaustion and hopeless despair, she cried out to God in what felt like a defeated whisper.

She had no way of knowing yet that breaking is what healing feels like until it feels like healing.

Unbeknownst to her, her breakdown was also a breaking open to the vulnerability of help and healing.

One brick at a time, she slowly began to rebuild, feeling the unforced rhythm of grace in her movement. For the first time in her life she felt peace and calm in her work. With glimmers of hope lighting her way, she began to notice in the debri of her wreckage, the rubble of all that was no longer her, or for her. At times she grew weary of navigating through all the mess to find her bricks. It took painstaking effort. But she continued to remind herself that she would no longer pick up what was not hers to carry.

She promised herself she would rest but never quit. Not ever again.

Brick by brick she continued to work, every stone moving her toward liberating love.

Stepping back one day to observe her transformation, she now saw that falling apart had not been her demise at all. It was her gift.

She was loved. She knew it, she felt it, and most importantly of all, she believed it.

She could now live loved and share love.

And she stood in the beauty of her healing and thanked God.

(((Arms of love)))



The Birth of Healing Meme Therapy

Art | N.C. Wyeth

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