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Spiritual Beliefs

I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to their own spiritual beliefs. I get asked about this a lot regarding my Shamanic and Reiki work. I believe in my heart that everyone is entitled to believe in the Higher Power of their understanding, find their best way to connect to Spirit and to listen to their intuition as it relates to their spiritual growth. I don't agree with religious programming, forcing people to believe what is not true for them and manipulating people into believing that their views and opinions don't matter. I work with so many people who feel shame for their beliefs and that's not healthy! Don't give anyone the power to tell you what to feel, how to believe and how to grow. I do tell my clients that if they died right now what would their soul say in 5 minutes? That profound question does stir your emotional and spiritual pot waking you up on some level to truly see and know what's your truth and what isn't. I have always believed in God, however I have had many times that I was frustrated, separate from and angry with the concept of God. I felt alone, frustrated, exhausted and overwhelmed when I tried to do life my way. It took a dark night of the soul moment to immediately snap me back into a strong, faithful relationship with God. In a minute I lost both of my parents in a house fire on my birthday almost nine years ago. I saw the fire, saw my deceased mother receiving CPR and learned that my father was trapped in the house I grew up in. It was when I was kneeling on grass near their house that I felt and saw Jesus behind me. I immediately knew I was not alone and I needed to stop keeping myself stuck by believing my old, stale, unproductive, fearful mindsets and beliefs. It was time to begin firmly walking my walk instead of just lip service. It has taken a lot of healing to be where I am today, and a huge part of that was to be connected to spirituality that made sense for me. I have been a psychic medium since I was 2, however after this dark night of the soul, when I firmly connected to my Higher Power and spiritual support team, did my spiritual gifts amplify. I learned to get out of my own way, not take anything personal and to better listen to my intuition. Your intuition is you, your soul, and your soul knows you better than anyone and always has your best interests at heart. The spiritual path and growth you choose to take does not always depend on religious belief, denomination, organization and sect. No one should badger you and make you feel ashamed, or less-than, because you don't believe what it is they believe. It's your spiritual experiences as you grow and heal that shape you and your personal relationship with spirituality. We all need a Higher Power, something do much bigger and greater than us. That is your choice, your relationship and you have the freedom to choose how you do that. If you need help discovering and developing your own path to spirituality, please feel free to let me know. Thank you!

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Mar 17, 2023

I'm so sorry to hear what happened to your parents!


Wow what a story! I have the chills. Thank you for sharing! ❤️

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