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Speak kindly to yourself 💜

Speak kindly to yourself because you are listening to every word you say. Practice being in the moment truly listening to what you say to that is not positive, supportive or uplifting. Take a few deep breaths, ask yourself “how do I feel in this moment?” Placing a hand on your body where you have received an answer, grounds you in the moment to fully acknowledge your intuition. Feel the emotion, ask what it is trying to teach you, thank it for being a teacher in your life, then release it to the Universe. Fill the space you created by releasing something that no longer serves you, and fill it with the opposite emotion ie love, compassion, forgiveness, grace etc. Yoga, Reiki and meditation teach you how to cultivate a stronger sense of self while enhancing your intuitive knowing. You are not alone and I believe in you. ❤️

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