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She Finally Took Charge

She finally took charge.

She took charge of being her own sacred mirror, validating herself, and believing in her own greatness.

She took charge of her energy and stewarding it with great care, not laying it to waste on those incapable of meeting her, no longer placing it in their hands but her own.

She took charge of her talents and abilities and the way she wanted to move with them in the world, the purpose to which they'd be leveraged, the precise artistry they would forge.

She took charge of her love and how she would powerfully direct it, cherishing those dear to her heart with essential acumen and easeful joy and without apology or regret for the sacred risk inherent.

She took charge of her own money, how she would make it, and how it would function as as tree of life to grow high and wide and deep and bless all who came under its expanding canopy, to reverently touch the tops of other trees; to empower and be empowered.

She finally took charge.

She stopped asking.

She started doing.

She stopped searching.

And started being.

She stopped supplicating;

and started leading.

She finally took charge and all who encountered her, felt the HUM of her spiraling power.

And the world as it found her, would never be the same 👑👑👑🌟🌟🌟

~ Sara Hayona Eisenman

Art by Mythological Goddess Art by Emily Balivet

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