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Return To Innocence

Return to Innocence

Embedded within our Gene Sequence and our DNA strands is the Ancient wisdom of our Soul. We have been gifted spiritual tools in order to navigate the great shift in humanity. As co-creators with Source, we all chose to be on the transition team to usher in the rebirth of Peace on Earth. Some of us have been preparing for decades for the transformation that is occurring in humanity at this time.

Chaos is a beautiful state to be in. In disharmony, the slivers deep in our unconscious must rise to the surface. There we may become the observer and the observed. Only through our acceptance of our present moment, are we able to take responsibility in order to consciously embrace this unchartered quest.

Choose to ride the waves of peace, remembering that our perspective is the only limitation to receiving the gifts of our initiations. This is a time where our path must focus on our return to our innocence, the remembrance of unconditional love.

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