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Release fear while cultivating courage ❤️

Yoga and meditation are wonderful tools that teach you how to acknowledge and release fear, worry, anxiety and emotional blockages. Honoring yourself by sitting in silence and setting your intention for your day positively shifts your energy and mindset. Gentle movement patterns increase your awareness as to where you are holding judgment, tension, stress and fear in your body. Remember, you have to feel the emotion to heal it and yoga creates awareness in your body that you may not have noticed before. These movement patterns gently shift the energy around this emotion, beginning the release and healing you desire. Pay full attention in gratitude for your breath, which pulls you back to the present moment, not the past or future. Take time to rest and recharge your spirit, mind and body. Change takes courag, faith, persistence, patience and love. No one can do the work for you. Let’s begin your transformative healing journey to tune into you and what your soul needs to thrive. In-person or distance makes no matter as it’s the intention, positive healing energy and love that you receive ❤️

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