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Realize Yourself And Be Free☀️

“It’s as if you return all the way to the seed, and only there do you see that the seed contained the whole truth. When you reach the core of your own being, then you realize that the seed, which seemed very empty when you opened it, is full of the potential of everything that is. Like the seed of a tree, everything that the tree will ever become is contained in that seed. Only in the full return does a full springtime become possible. These are not ideals I speak about, not goals or potentials. This openness is actually the core of who everybody is. Stop waiting to let go of everything, and then your true nature is realized. When it is realized, then live it. When the living of it happens, life happens spontaneously. Then finally, for once in our lives, we can say with honesty and integrity that it is the most amazing mystery. It is unfathomable. You cannot know it. You can only be it, either consciously or unconsciously. But to be it consciously is a whole lot easier than to be in it unconsciously. Realize yourself and be free.”

~ Adyashanti

Photo - Kalyani Devi

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