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Planting a seed ❤️

Over the last seven years I have shared some parts of my personal trials and lessons to many people. I have learned that by sharing my story someone can hear something, perhaps for the first time, that could kindle something positive in their hearts and minds. Sharing my story is not for sympathy but for someone to see that everyone struggles and that life can become more beautiful and soul satisfying. Life is not easy and I have learned to embrace the challenges presented to me with a sense of awareness, kindness and compassion towards myself and others. I can’t begin to tell you how many people, some I know well and some not at all, have come to me with an openness to be heard and feel safe because I put myself out there and shared. I have found my outlets for supporting others in recovery, domestic violence, sexual assault, child sexual assault and human trafficking to name a few. What are your outlets for helping others? What are your gifts that you can graciously share with tho who are in need of your light? We all have gifts and to share them is unbelievably rewarding and satisfying to your sense of self and your purpose driven life. You are not alone ❤️

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