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No Human Being Is Broken

No Human Being is broken...

Just the stories we carry around

Everyone is Whole





Our stories are broken

Until we find a way to seek

The hidden and lost pieces

In the deepest crevices

Of our heart...

Until we realign our stories

To create a myth that makes sense

To our innate Wisdom...

Our stories have to ring true

Because we cannot create a myth

From the wound story.

The pieces that don't fit

Can be discarded...

To live with purpose and meaning

Let us thread a narrative

That embodies our own personal story

Weaved from your present life

And the stories we carry

From the birth of our Soul...

And that's how you keep





The Masterpiece that YOU are...

No human being is broken

Just the stories we carry around...

Unearth Yourself,

~Corina Luna Dea

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