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My Love, Go Easy On Yourself 💕

there’s no handbook

for any of this

there are no hard and

fast rules for times

like these

~ you’re doing the best you can

holding things together

while the world falls apart

in this age of fear and fret

you don’t need to be perfect;

you just need to be gentle

~ with yourself and everyone else

because that’s all you

can really control, isn’t it?

yes, things might unravel a

bit more before this is

all done

you might as well

and it’s okay if

you do

while the world

is resetting

it’s router

we can take turns

deciding who gets

to cry on the couch

we can take turns becoming

a balm for one another

we can take turns yelling

up into the silent sky

we can take turns

having insomnia

we can take turns being

confessionals for one another

we can take turns brushing

the tears off of each other’s face

don’t worry about getting

all of this right

you won’t

don’t worry about making


you will

~ you’re doing the best you can

there is only one great commandment for

enduring a storm - and it’s this:

go easy,

my love,

go easy

~ john roedel

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