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Meditation and your body

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

In as few as twelve minutes a day you can rev up your health. Research shows that meditation increases brain wave activity that is linked to relaxation. Your mind then creates more positive emotions and helps with clarity in compl thoughts. Some kinds of meditation boost compassion, empathy while allowing for greater mastery over your emotions and helping you feel closer to others. Meditation increases activity in your parasympathetic nervous system which controls your rest-and-digest (the opposite of fight, flight and freeze). Your lungs draw deeper breaths, your heart begins to beat more slowly causing your blood vessels to relax. Regular meditation can drop your blood pressure by up to 4 points, lowering your risk for heart disease. Your adrenal glands release less of the stress hormone cortisol (which is a cause of abdominal fat) and blood flow to brain increases which may lower anxiety. Improved blood flow may improve your memory also. Practicing daily meditation can lower blood sugar levels (to help prevent diabetes) and may cut cravings for salty foods. Studies show meditation has the power to calm mental negativity and thereby improve your immune response while aiding your ability

to fight off infections.

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