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Let’s Heal Our Own Hearts And Make Others Feel Safe

Because of past traumas and soul injuries, humans become guarded...

To cultivate healthy relationships, we must do all we can to make others feel safe around us.

It is important to make others feel seen and appreciated.

We must try to make them feel safe enough to let their guard down and be able to walk with ease and peace in their heart...

Walking the earth guarded impedes LOVE from coming in or going out into the world.

We have the ability to make each other feel safe and loved. Not an easy task always because so many of us grew up with abuse and adversity that conditioned us to build walls around our hearts.

As more of us awaken and do our inner healing work, our energy has a positive impact all around us.

Let us heal our own hearts and make others feel safe in our presence.

Now, please know that I fully understand that no matter what we do, some will stay guarded and never feel safe. In those situations, please do not blame yourself. It is their choice.

Since we all connect with each other through waves of energy, if the alignment is off, the relationship will never grow. There is a time when we let the pieces fall where they may, create boundaries and stay away from those that could cause us pain and misery.

It's ok to let go. It's ok. Sometimes you must out of self-love and self-preservation.

And again, how can we enjoy the beauty of life if we walk around guarded?

To feel safe in a world where we can experience soul injury is a personal journey we all must learn somehow.

So, dear sisters/brother ... Find a tribe, a community where you feel safe. Open your heart and see who walks in it with love and reverence.

With all my love for you, sisters//brothers. May the walls you built come down.

May you find a place within and without where you feel safe and loved. And so it is!!!


Words by Archaeology for the Woman's Soul

Corina Luna Dea

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