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It’s Time To Take Responsibility For What You’ve Manifested And Created

Wounded men attract wounded women.

Wounded women attract wounded men.

It's time to take responsibility for what you've manifested and cocreated. Otherwise the odds are, you're guaranteed to attract more of the same, until you learn and heal.

The wounds in you called in the wounds in them.

A trauma bond made in heaven.

I'm speaking to myself just as much here. Every failed relationship has brought to my awareness my weaknesses, my unhealed pain points that allowed the dysfunction and abuse to creep in.

This is an ongoing process and journey.

There is no excuse for abusive behavior. However there is ALWAYS an opportunity to take inventory, to look in the mirror at what ourselves allowed it to happen, and for so long.

The masculinized woman and emasculated man is just as toxic as the narc man and the doormat woman. Both the abuser and victim suffers in both scenarios.

Both are inversions, imbalances which defy truth.

And it always comes back to self worth.

The fear that you won't be able to get your needs met, or worse, that you don't deserve to have your needs met, without reversing the roles, or without either selfishly controlling the other person, or martyring yourself.

A man who lovingly leads with devotion, and a woman who willingly submits with righteous trust.

Anything is a betrayal of self, your instincts, and nature itself.

If you're a student of Natural Law but not embodying gender polarity, you are missing a vital piece of the human puzzle. And cutting yourself off from your greatest power.

This is the reason why "they" are putting so much effort into destroying and confusing gender dynamics.

And this is why healing this within yourself could be the greatest act of rebellion possible.

Awaken and revive your instincts. Deep down you already know.

Your body knows. Your heart knows.

You just have to stop burying and gaslighting it.

~Logan Hart

Art: unknown

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