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If Your Mother Did Not Love You♥️


the way she could have.

Your heart is never quite full.

If your mother was not who she could have been,

your soul is somehow incomplete.

If your inner little girl was not taught how to feel,

your journey is not easy my friend.


You owe it to that girl to learn.

You owe it to her to make love.

You owe it to her to create a world so full of love, that it will eventually out-shadow the demons of your past.

And here’s the thing about that...

Love regenerates.

So make it and watch it blossom in the hearts of those around you.

And watch them pass it on and on and on until you have singlehandedly made enough love, and more, to fill that void you carry and to fill the voids of anyone who crosses your path.

If your mother did not love you, the way she could have,

you have some catching up to do,

But I know you will my friend.

I know you will.

It starts with you.

Donna Ashworth

Art: Audrey Gilbert

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