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Holding Space For Someone Will Change Their Life

I'm not the kind of woman who will look away when you talk about rape, abuse, or addiction. I won't flinch when you walk in covered in dirt, muck, and inner shit. I won't judge your story of neglect, betrayal, or trauma. I won't try to rewrite your suicidal thoughts or self-hatred. I won't ignore your cry. I won't back away from your drool, vomit, or blood. I won't deny the relationship you have with your womb, work, or the unseen. I won't belittle your body-image or self-wisdom. I won't pretend I have an answer for you. I won't compare your divorce, break-up, or loss to another. Because I believe you. I believe you when you say what you've been through, what you're in, and all that you carry. I believe it when you say that you've tried, you want to, and that you will. I believe you now, and I will continue believing in you. Because I am the kind of woman who holds space. For you, sister.

~ Tanya Markul, Author, from “The She Book”

Art by Dorrie Joy Artist

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