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Grief. This one word is such a strong compelling emotion that has brought me to my knees.

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

March 18th 2014, my birthday, I witnessed a terrible heartbreaking tragedy, the home I grew up in engulfed in flames. This farm house was over 300 years old and burned so quickly and hot that the flames and smoke were visible for miles. When a neighbor called to tell me to come there quickly I never imagined that my parents would perish in this house and I would be a witness to the most earth shattering shocking event in my life. After being told my father was deceased in the burning house and my mother, also deceased, was receiving CPR in the ambulance to keep her organs viable for donation I fell to my knees and cried like I never cried before. Two months later my late husband, Mike was diagnosed with stage 4 larynx cancer. Three years of multiple surgeries, therapy and many hospitalizations were of no avail because he refused to stop drinking alcohol. My family, friends and I watched him die a painful preventable death. He passed away June 2017 from end stage liver disease caused by excessive drinking and drug use. Losing my parents so quickly and Mike so slowly were lessons I will never forget. I have learned to be less serious and more goofy, be in the moment because life is fleeting, help others more and to improve my relationship with God and Jesus. I learned I was a hot mess living in denial and the destructive patterns I had learned in my life from many unhealthy relationships including the one with myself were harmful to my family as well. These deaths have taught me many invaluable lessons and one of the most important was the gift of forgiveness to and for myself. Kindness to yourself includes forgiveness from others actions to you as well as those you do to yourself. Please remember everything you say and think about yourself is being heard by you, your sweet soul. The reason I am sharing some of my life experiences with you is not for sympathy but for someone to read this and know they are not alone. We all experience grief in so many ways such as the loss of a job, relationship, etc. and it's helpful to be honest with one another as we do need each other to heal and grow. Life is challenging at times, yet it is a beautiful gift that I am grateful to share with so many amazing people. Feel free to contact me at to talk, text and heal.

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