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I understand how difficult it is to practice gratitude when you are struggling, despondent, lonely and overwhelmed. My life was spinning out of control for years until the practice of gratitude finally clicked and made sense. Your life may be happening too fast and possibly

you barely solve one problem when two new ones surface. Maybe you feel amazing in the morning and by evening you are submerged in misery. Every day you will face interruptions, delays, changes and challenges. You will have personality conflicts, disappointments and feelings of overwhelm. Gratitude is a simple concept to get you through the most stressful of times. Learning to say thank you for your problems and emotions, as well as for the way things are if you like it or not. Practice gratitude until it becomes a habit and you will notice that you will stop trying to control outcomes. Gratitude unlocks positive energy into your life and it will turn your problems into blessings, and the unexpected into gifts. Love yourself enough today to start practicing gratitude in all areas of your life to turn today's pain into tomorrow's joy.

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