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Expressing Anger Productively

Anger is a powerful and sometimes frightening emotion as well as a beneficial one if we don't allow it to harden into resentment. Anger is a warning signal, it shows us problems, where we need to set boundaries and when expressed productively it helps us let go and create acceptance. There is no need to justify our anger, feel guilt or shame and it doesn't have to keep us stuck and exhausted. Accepting responsibility for the healing of our anger will help us to be centered, calm and free from the shackles of what no longer serves us. Expressing our anger safely, as a positive force appropriately and productively, is emotional maturity. Honoring all of our emotions as sacred is accepting responsibility for our healing, creating space for what does serve us and to elevate our life force, increase our vibration and enjoy the beauty of our lives. Our feelings are the language of our heart, and words are the language of the mind. Feel, heal and change your words to help heal your mind and create your new reality. Remember, negativity sticks to us like Velcro and positivity like Teflon. I'm here for you, I believe in you and you are not alone.

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