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Emotional reactions

You are not your emotions. Emotions are fleeting like a leaf in the wind. There are many lessons in our lifetime we need to learn so our soul can evolve. Other people’s perceptions of you are not always valid and accurate. They are speaking from a viewpoint that usually has everything to do with them, and not you. No one in the human race will ever live your life and know the intimate details of who you truly are. You are the creator of your existence and you will find peace in the stillness and courage of your story. May your heart feel blessed, your mind expanded and your spirit find hope as you spend time with yourself. You have to learn that you have boundaries and once you learn to trust yourself that is where you tap into your personal power. Learn to give yourself 5 or 10 minutes to think about what you want to say or not, rather than reacting. Learn to come back to you and be your own friend. Yoga, Reiki and meditation teach you how to sit with yourself cloaked in grace, dignity, integrity, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and love❤️

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