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Cut The Relationship With Your Toxic Family Member

This is extremely difficult, yet sometimes necessary for healing.

Love them but stay away if they no longer add up, not all mothers and fathers love and defend, some only fight for their personal ideals, there are families so hurtful and harmful that distance becomes the only enemy

There are relatives who betray, who steal, speak badly, gossip and envy us, there are relatives who want to see you well, but will never want to see you better than they, who gather to speak ill of you and console themselves by making you look bad from the movie, who make sides to discredit you, thinking that they are better than you that way.

There are families that are only there for us when it suits them and to continue using us in the name of the blood that unites us, it is important to reflect, let us also stop romanticizing the family, the couple, the parents, the siblings, we need to grow, evolve,

heal... set limits.

It is necessary to see the shadow, the dark side of our tree and have the strength to get away from what has harmed us, we have to be our priority and stop suffering from relatives who only steal our energy, each one who takes care of their life, recognize them, but don't be part of their wounds, their anger, their abandonment, their hypocrisy, their manipulation.

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