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Cosmic Consciousness

“If one is to be born again in sprit, one must first pass through transition. And yet this transition, or death, if you will, is not of the body; it is a transition of the consciousness. The consciousness is separated from its old order of thinking, from the world to which it has been chained fast. It is freed from enslaving ideas and from fears and superstitions. It soars forth into a new and higher realm. During this transition, the consciousness casts aside its dissolute, moral body, its wrong values of living. We are reborn in understanding.

The new life is a spiritual one, and it is a life here and now, not in some remote place, or time. None of us is spiritually born until we become aware of the various sublime states of consciousness of which we are capable. The first birth of every incarnation is physical; it is when the soul enters the body. The second birth is when we realize the higher levels of our consciousness - when we experience Cosmic Consciousness.”

Ralph Maxwell Lewis

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