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Being in awareness

When you are stuck in a situation, consider choosing one of the following questions to set yourself free from fear. How does it get any better than this? What else is possible? What choices do I have? What can I do with this and can I change this? What is right about this that I am not understanding? What is wrong about this that I am not understanding? What contribution can I be here? What would I like to create today? How much can I play today? What am I doing well that I don't realize? Hope is you walking through the hard places where th your Higher Power. Hope is the anchor of the soul because it gives us stability. Your choices create your reality and when you choose hope over fear you choose to thrive, not merely survive. Fear is a thief that steals joy, love, hope, happiness right out from under your feet. Fear is survival and needless suffering, and you are more valuable and worthy than that. You've got this!

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