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Be the light❤️

When you count your blessings and see gratitude in your life be sure to include yourself! You are a blessing, a gift, the light in someone’s day, a marvelous work in progress. Everyone of us have unique gifts and talents that we need to show the world and usually we begin doing so by flashing our unique smile. When you smile at someone that tells the other person that you see them and you acknowledge them. Most people let down their guard a little and acknowledge you also possibly opening the door to more receptive communication. When you notice connectivity you become more open and you feel safe to share your gifts and talents. Often times you may smile at someone and they are not receptive or they could have a dour countenance that doesn’t budge! No matter what, when you smile you have the ability to brighten the world around you as well as your own inner world. Be the light in someone’s day, stay beautiful ❤️

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