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Are You Wasting Your Time And Energy With External Blame And A Sense Of Helplessness?

If you want real, be prepared to do the work because relationships are full of speed bumps and different seasons.

Great relationships aren’t great because they have no problems, they’re great because both people care enough about each other to make it work.

Relationships are a great mirror for where your 'stuff' comes out, especially when you don't want it to. This is when opportunity for growth arises, yet so many walk away at this moment rather than look at what the mirror is reflecting back to them.

We are here on this planet to teach each other, our relationships are our greatest spiritual assignment.

More are more of us are realizing how much our relationships are a refection of how we feel about ourselves and what we need to heal.

The truth about relationships is that we need to be prepared to ride the waves together, do the work individually and as a couple, love each other and choose each other. And, choose real not perfect.

You want someone who says, “I know we’re not perfect, I still choose us.” And, “I know you’re not perfect, I still choose you.” And, “I know I’m not perfect, thank you for choosing me.”

We must be careful not to confuse our ideas of "Conscious Relationship" for perfect relationship because there's no such thing. The truth is, real long-term conscious relationships are a beautiful and messy experience. The only difference is there is a deeper commitment to personal awakening and self-awareness rather than external blame and a sense of helplessness. ~

~Belinda Anderson

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