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Appreciating Our Past

It's can be so easy to be negative about our past mistakes and unhappiness. When we realize that our past is full of lessons that help us elevate to higher levels of living and loving, we see our past in the light of experience, acceptance and growth. All of our relationships, no matter how long we were in them, taught us valuable and meaningful lessons. You may have developed stronger insights about who you are, what you want and what you accept. Every mistake, frustration, failure and resistance to growth and progress was necessary, because you learned along the way and made invaluable progress. Keeping your mindset of gratefulness and acceptance that every experience you survived shaped you into who you are today will help you stay focused, grounded and centered in the present moment. Nothing from your past is a mistake and when you stop mistaking that for the truth then you will be set free. Ask your Higher Power to help you release negative, self-limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs that you are holding onto from past circumstances and relationships. I'm here for you, I believe in you and you are not alone on your healing journey.

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