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Anger Is Full Of Spirit

Anger is not wrong, bad, unhealthy or 'unspiritual', no matter what the gurus and teachers say.

It's this very idea that causes us

to repress and suppress anger, in order to

uphold an image of ourseves as 'nice'

or 'good', or 'calm', or 'very spiritual'.

The inner child in us knows:

these images are all lies.

We are wild inside, and always have been.

Repressed irritation quickly turns to annoyance.

Annoyance turns to frustration.

Frustration turns to anger.

Repressed, unfelt anger quickly turns to rage

and boils inside of us, looking for a victim.

The held-back wildness robs us of aliveness.

Rage is what hurts and attacks others.

Rage is what explodes, shames, blames, abuses.

And causes disease within our own bodies.

Conscious, connected anger is not violent at all.

Anger that we feel, and own, and breathe into,

and soothe with loving attention deep inside of us, is safe.

It is a misunderstood energy in the body longing for love.

It is a powerful call for self-empathy and slowness.

It is a part of us that feels unseen, unloved, unheard.

A part crying out for attention, soothing, safety, presence.

A part that wants to be cared for.

A young, tender, innocent, frightened part of Psyche

that has come to you for integration,

for an alchemical marriage with Eros.

Anger is the great protector.

The courageous roar of a lion

scaring off predators,

protecting his precious young ones.

It is the voice that says, "I matter! I am sacred!".

Let's get over this idea that anger is 'unspiritual'.

Anger is full of spirit, full of intelligence, full of life!

The more we feel it, the less it controls us.

The more we soothe it, the less it hurts.

The more we bow to it, the less it frightens us.

- Jeff Foster

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