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Learning to flow and let go of what is not serving you in life is challenging, painful at times and scary. Healing is not pretty or fun. I understand trauma and abuse from many different life experiences that I have only recently come to value. I know firsthand that this work is exhausting and it’s a never ending process that tears away all that I don’t want to see, feel or remember. For trauma survivors it is much easier to bury and repress emotions, events and situations. We do this to survive and protect ourselves. Our dysfunctional habits, thoughts and patterns are comfortable to us, because it’s all we know. We trudge through life always on the verge, the expectation of someone or something knocking us off our feet. This is exhausting. Yoga, therapy and a good support system of people has brightened my life and has taught me how to let go of what is not serving me, to let go of the trappings of my mind and to regain my footing in a purposeful, spirit filled life. I am a safe person who believes in your unique potential to thrive, not merely survive. I value every experience in this life because I have learned how to glean them to better serve my soul and to align on my higher path. Your soul is waiting for you. When you are ready let’s begin your transformative healing journey together. Let’s discover your strength and courage you may not know you have so you can see you are valuable, worthy and love. Your story is beautiful like you ❤️

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